SASS - 16 Plays: Four Nights

SASS: Stage And Screen Showcase

Featuring the 3rd year actors of CSU’s Bachelor of Stage & Screen, the 16 plays will be presented on 8 nights in total. Each production performed twice as follows:

11 & 12 October at 7.30pm - Season 1:

A Midnight Clear by Hamilton
Bang On The Nerve by Van Badham
Echoes by Shipley
Cinema Limbo by Bradford

13th October at 7.30pm & 14th October at 2:00pm - Season 2:

The Wedding Story by Homokay
Call Of The Revolution by Andereyvo
Ten Thousand Cigarettes by Braun
Sonnets by William Shakespeare

18th & 19th October 7.30pm – Season 3:

A Question Of Sex by Bennett
PWND by Lavoie
Why Do You Smoke So Much Lily by Tennessee Williams
A Short History Of The Weather by Yukich

20th & 21st October at 7:30pm – Season 4:

The Chicken or The Egg by Russell
Sanctuary by David Williamson
The Game by Bryant
Murder By Midnight
by Goode
Post It (Notes on a Marriage)
by Dooley & Holzman

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