Ticketing for External Events

The Civic Theatre Booking Office provides a professional and cost effective ticketing service for commercial and community shows and events held in Wagga Wagga and surrounding districts. The Theatre is able to ticket events such as sporting events, gala dinners, conferences, tours or any other event that requires tickets to be allocated and sales can be made through the mediums of internet, telephone and over the counter. Our staff provide this service with an extensive range of marketing tools and knowledge that will make the ticketing selling process easy and effective, leading to a memorable and successful event.

For more information about this service contact:
Brad Ingram, Box Office Coordinator, Booking Office
Phone: (02) 6926 9682
Email: ingram.brad@wagga.nsw.gov.au

To utilize this service download and complete the appropriate ticketing service form and return to the Civic Theatre Booking Office.


Fees & Charges

Ticket Charges

  • Events will attract a booking fee (includes GST), which will be charged to the customer on each ticket for the ticketing service provided by the Civic Theatre Booking Office.
  • The Booking Office can print additional tickets to allow for door sales by the promoter. These will be charged a cost of 45 cents (includes GST) per ticket.
  • Complimentary tickets issued by the Booking Office will incur a fee of 45 cents (includes GST) per ticket. Fees are charged to the promoter unless otherwise requested.
  • These Fees and Charges will apply until the 2017/2018 Fees and Charges are in place.

Event Set-up Fee

A fee will be charged to set-up an event to cover initial administrative costs. This will be redeemable to promoter after the sale of thirty (30) tickets.

  • Commercial: $60.00 (includes GST)

Cancellation of an Event

Where a promoter cancels a performance and tickets have been sold on behalf of the promoter by the Civic Theatre Booking Office the promoter will be liable for the following costs:

  • A cancellation fee will be charged on each ticket to cover the initial costs of selling the ticket. This will be equivalent to the booking fee paid on the ticket.
  • Where the Booking Office is required to provide a refund to patrons or exchange tickets to a new performance, an additional administrative fee will be charged for this service. The fee for this is equivalent to the booking fee.

Credit Card Charges

Visa, Mastercard and EFTPOS are accepted.

Commercial events - a service charge of 1.5% (includes GST) is payable by the promoter on each ticket that is purchased through our credit card/EFTPOS facility from the Civic Theatre Booking Office.

Community events - credit card service charge does not apply.

Other payment types

  • Cheques are accepted and should be made payable to Wagga Wagga City Council.
  • EFTPOS facility is available, but no cash withdrawal service.

GST Disclaimer

The promoter using the Civic Theatre Booking Office facility is responsible for all GST incurred on the event component cost of the ticket, that is, the total price less the booking fee. Civic Theatre Booking Office accepts no responsibility or liability for payment of GST on the event component cost of the ticket.

Reconciliation and Payment of Monies owed to the Promoter

Civic Theatre Booking Office is a subsidiary of the Wagga Wagga City Council. Normal payment policy by the Council is 30 days. All endeavours will be made to settle accounts with promoter as soon as possible. Preferred payment method is direct deposit to your nominated bank account. To meet promoter contracts and license obligations, sales reports will be available to the promoter by reasonable request to the Booking Office before and after the event as required. Reports will be provided only at the request of persons nominated on the promoter's information form.