Impro Classes for Teens

“PREPARE TO BE UNPREPARED” - foundation course in theatrical improvisation and theatresports

You are buying a place in a series of workshops – there will be 8 classes (1 hour each session).  The workshops will be on Monday afternoon and places are limited. Suitable for high school students.

The dates are Monday 11 February 11 to Monday 01 April 2019.  Each session will start promptly at 4pm.

Cost - $100 [that’s $12.50 a session]

Do you want to be fearless? Do you want to be able to think on your feet? Are you an actor and want to be able to be ‘in the moment’? Are you someone who wants to improve your communication skills? Are you looking for a way to meet new people and have a lot of fun?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions then Impro ACT’s ‘Prepare to be Unprepared’ course is for you. This introductory course will teach you the foundations of improvisation in a fun and safe environment. The skills learnt in this course can be readily applied to theatre, public speaking and talking at meetings, and the principles can be applied to life.

This eight week course (one night per week), is the same course presented to more than 1000 students at Impro ACT’s Canberra school of improvisation, and course director, Nick Byrne, is internationally recognised as a teacher/director/performer of this style of theatre, with experience teaching in more than 30 cities worldwide, including invitations as a major guest in many of the most prominent festivals across the globe.

In Week 1, students will meet each other and understand the basic mindset that makes improvisation work, and is the key to making all games and scenes fly, rather than seem a struggle.

In Weeks 2-6, new individual skillsets and theatre performance games will be introduced, to equip students with the tools to perform short form comedic improvisation, most commonly seen in Theatresports and shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway, as well as working on what makes regular theatrical scene work as powerful when improvised as it is when scripted.

In Weeks 7-8, students recap and fine-tune the rest of the course, to feel confident that they are ready to perform, or simply to communicate more effectively in life’s many spontaneous situations.

The entire course is full of laughter and inspiration, and can be also be taken simply for fun, fun, fun!

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Date & Time:

First session Monday 11 February 4pm


8 classes x 1 hour each

Ticket Prices:

$100 (must be paid before first class)
*transaction fees apply


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