The Hall Committee

The Hall Committee

A Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre original production
Written and Directed by Damian Callinan

The Rummage South Memorial Hall has seen better days. With white ants in the walls, possums in the roof and pigeons in the projection booth, the local wildlife are getting more use out of the hall than the locals. Due to the stringent restrictions enforced by Brenda, the intractable hall committee president, many residents have given up even trying to book the place.  However, when tree changer Penny manages to inveigle her way onto the committee, the community gets a shake-up. When she reveals that a hall grant is within their reach, the fractured committee ultimately join forces to outbid nearby rival, the Glenwarren Community Hall. Unbeknownst to the committee, the hall is also inhabited by the spirits of the hall’s past who weave their subtle magic to help the hall & the community heal.

Written, directed & co-starring by Damian Callinan, the writer of the hit movie The Merger, The Hall Committee will include a cast of local Wagga and Sydney actors to bring to life the folk of Rummage South past and present. Devised to be performed in the small country hall environment, audiences will have their own hall transformed in front of them as the cast usurp their residing committee to bring this interactive, immersive, hilarious play to life.

The Hall Committee is a nostalgic celebration of the role halls have played in the fabric of small town Australia but challenges us to look forward to the next phase of community life in the ever changing landscape of rural Australia.

The Hall Committee is part of the Civic Theatre 2019 Subscription Season. Subscriptions are available from Wednesday 5th December.

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Date & Time:

North Wagga Hall
Wednesday 4 September 7:30pm
Thursday 5 September, 7:30pm

Oura Community Hall
Friday 6 September, 7:30pm

Ganmain Hall
Saturday 7 September, 7:30pm

Uranquinty Community Hall
Wednesday 11 September, 7:30pm

Ladysmith Memorial Hall
Thursday 12 September, 7:30pm

The Arts Centre Cootamundra
Friday 13 September, 7:30pm

Downside Hall
Saturday 14 September, 7:30pm


Approximately 1 hour & 50 minutes (including interval)

Ticket Prices:

One price $30.00
Groups 4+ $25.00ea
Subscriber $25.00
*Transaction fees apply


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