Plug + Play

REGISTRATIONS for PLUG + PLAY 2020 are now open.

Are you a young musician (aged 14-25) looking to take your musical career to the next level?  We are looking for emerging professional musicians to join our PLUG + PLAY program for 2020.

Register your interest below. Please note that the commencement date for our 2020 program has been pushed back in light of the current restrictions on social gatherings.  This means you have more time to sign up!

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What is PLUG + PLAY?

The Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre will work directly with emerging musicians aged (14-25) in Wagga to provide support and mentoring in the music industry. The program is intended for those who want to make a career in music.

What does PLUG + PLAY do?

  • Work with you to create your own path to a professional music career
  • Teach you how to market your work, how to get more gigs and how to get paid doing it
  • Offer workshops with industry professionals
  • Provides technical support and coaching for your gigs
  • Offer a chance for you to meet with other emerging musicians in Wagga
  • Offer several gig opportunities throughout the year that you can be part of
  • Plus access to industry professionals, one-on-one mentoring and insider knowledge on what's going on and how to make sure you are there!

What does it cost?

Being a part of Plug and Play doesn’t cost you anything except time and commitment.

There will be times throughout the year when we offer paid workshops.

What did 2019 participants have to say?

"A great opportunity for musicians to get there name out there and mix with other music lovers."

"This is a fabulous program. Keep up the great work and thank you for supporting and thinking about young musicians"

"thank you again for this amazing initiative …Our young musicians are so very lucky!"

"Plug and play is really awesome and so helpful for aspiring musicians like myself."

"This is a very well run program and I love participating and being a part if it"

Finding Success!

Parklands’ found fame on triple J unearthed in March 2020, after two of the four band members were part of the Plug + Play program.  As they continue to get their original music heard and create a name for themselves, we can’t help but have some proud mum feels!

Check them out on triple j Unearthed

Here is what they had to say about the Plug + Play program in 2019:

"Plug and Play helped us out in so many ways! They helped us with goal setting and gave us experienced industry advice that we otherwise would have had no access to. Also, through the help of plug and play we got heaps of cool opportunities like getting gigs at great venues, sound gear and professional photos. Wagga's really lucky to have this program because it gives light to a daunting industry that is difficult to crack into"- Parklands

"Plug and Play has definitely played a vital role in the development and growth of so many different people’s music journey. The program’s flipped the way a lot of us participants view breaking into the “industry”.  I’m now in a position to more accurately work toward a better future and outcome for my music, due to the direction provided by the Plug and Play."- Charles Patterson

"Plug and Play is an extremely important program for the youth of Wagga Wagga. To me personally, music and the creative industry is simply about having fun and making some money along the way. This program exemplifies this by highlighting all avenues for career paths in music, by way of a large friendly environment of like minded people creating and inspiring one another. Plug and Play gives Wagga Wagga accessible connections to industry people that simply would not exist without it. For myself this program has been phenomenal as it has given light to the deeper business side of the music industry and the ways in which to obtain as much success and career opportunity as possible." - Tom Brereton

Jam Sessions on Stage

The Plug and Play jam sessions on stage with local professionals were a highlight for 2019 participants.