Tickets and Information

We'd really like your visit to the Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre to go as smoothly as possible and for you to enjoy the experience, so here's some information you might need to know.

Where is the Box Office?

The Box Office is located in the main foyer of the Civic Theatre and is open Mon-Fri 10.00am - 4.00pm. It is also open one hour before the start of each performance for ticket collection and over the counter sales (only for the current performance) and we're always happy to answer your questions..

When you receive your tickets please check them to ensure that they are for the correct performance and date.

You can print your ticket at home. Print at Home tickets will be emailed to your email address for no extra fee, print them off and away you go.

Who sells tickets to see a show at the Civic Theatre?

The Civic Theatre Box Office is the ONLY authorised seller of tickets for ALL performances at the Civic Theatre. When you are buying tickets online take your time and check your links; don't be caught out by sites like viagogo which sell invalid tickets at highly inflated prices.  [There are no security issues with our website or social media pages.]

Is the time on the ticket the performance time, or the time the Theatre opens?

Our performances start promptly at the time listed on your ticket so please allow for sufficient time for travel, parking and ticket collection in order to arrive before the performance begins.

Who needs a ticket?

Everyone over 12 months of age requires a ticket to see any ticketed event.

Who can get a discount?

A concession will apply to those patrons who hold a valid Government Pension/Seniors Card or full time student card. These cards are recognised for performances and events hosted by Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre. If another company is staging an event different discounts may apply, please enquire when booking.

Can I hold those seats until I get paid?

Reservations and payments can be made by customers via telephone or in person at the booking office. We ask that all tickets be paid for within 48 hours of making a reservation (unless the performance occurs within the 48 hour period).

Customers may reserve and pay for them up to, and including, the day of the performance while the tickets are available from the Civic Theatre Booking Office. Management reserves the right to change this policy to meet Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre and the presenting company's needs. Management reserves the right to return any unpaid reservations to general sale as it sees fit.

What should I wear?

We don't have a dress code and we're not snobs.

Usually you can expect to see neat casual dress when people come to see a show.  However it is an opportunity to dress up, in fact coming to the theatre is the perfect date night, so why not dress to impress.

I've left my tickets at home, argh, what do I do ?

Talk to the Box Office staff, we can re-print your tickets.  Don't go home and get them.  The same applies if you misplace or put your tickets through the wash.

What happens if I'm late?

Don't be late.  Please, don't be late.

For the safety and comfort of the performers and other audience members latecomers will only be admitted into the theatre at a suitable break. This varies from performance to performance, and for some performances can be at the first interval (we're looking at you BALLET).

We realise that being locked out of a performance is incredibly disappointing - double, triple check the start time, arrive early and have a drink at the bar as you wait.

Wait, you have a Bar?

There is a bar in the Upper Foyer, and a delightful balcony area accessed from the bar.  We sell a selection of snacks and drinks, including a selection from local providers. The bar and balcony area is open one hour before the show.  You are allowed to take your drink into the auditorium.

Why not order a delicious platter of cheese, charcuterie and antipasta to share before the show?  Just take a note of the date you're coming to see a show before you follow the link below.  The ordering period closes two business days before the show.

Order your pre-show platter now

Mobile phone good manners.

Turn your phone off or turn your phone to silent.  However, if you turn your phone to silent make sure you don't have any alarms set that will cut through the silence.  If you do receive an urgent call head to the foyer to talk.

Dammit, my plans have changed.

Tickets are not refundable. Refunds are only available as per the Live Performance Australia Ticketing Code of Practice. You have the right to a refund if the event to which you purchased an authorised ticket to is cancelled, rescheduled (and you cannot attend the rescheduled event) or significantly relocated. The Civic Theatre does not give refunds under any other circumstances, such as changing your mind, sickness or holidays.  However, you are welcome to gift your tickets to a friend.


The Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre adheres to the Australasian Entertainment Industry Association (AEIA) Code of Practice for the Ticketing of Live Entertainment in Australia (1 January 2016).